•Licensing inquiries are welcome•

Dana loves to collaborate with creative teams to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for science, art, and science-art.  

Image Licensing

Dana frequently licenses her artwork for books, textbooks, exhibits, magazines, documentaries, licensing image libraries, and academic purposes.  The fee for licensing varies based on the number of images, the size, the medium, and distribution.  To request a quote, please contact her with the following information:

  • Name of image(s)

  • Size of image(s)

  • Where you want to use the image (book, magazine, cover, internal page, etc.)

  • Name of your publication

  • How long you want to use the image

  • Your circulation size or monthly website traffic

  • Length of screen time (film)

  • Merchandise

Free Uses

To use Dana’s artwork for a free use listed here, you may download any of the images from this website. In all cases, image credit must appear with the image. Example credit: "Animon" / Dana-Simmons.com.

  • Academic talks or conferences

  • Promotional material for neuroscience events

  • Promotional material for SciArt events

  • Promotional material for STEAM / STEM outreach events

  • Social media background images

Prohibited Uses

  • Business cards

  • Resume / CV

  • Personal websites

  • Laboratory websites (unless I am/was a lab member)

  • Department, institute, school, or university websites

    • Permitted for The University of Chicago

    • Permitted for all others if it's a picture of my printed / framed art hanging in your lab / hall / lobby / building

  • Artwork may not be copied or manipulated.

  • Colors and aspect ratios may not be altered.

Please note that all images, artwork, and text on this website are protected by copyright.

Still have questions? Drop Dana an e-mail at dana.neuroscience@gmail.com and she’ll figure it out!