News and media related to Dana's science-based art.

MARCH 14, 2017

Dana wrote a guest article for Springer Nature's blog Digital Science about the history of science-art.

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JULY 28, 2017

Dana's image "Animon" is awarded an Honorable Mention in the Art of Neuroscience Competition by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The results were announced in Scientific American and Atlas Obscura.

OCTOBER 7, 2016

The Good News Network praises Dana's Andy Warhol-inspired science-art with a feature article

NOVEMBER 3, 2016

Science Life shares Dana's journey in the lab, from autism research to science-art.

MARCH 19-25, 2017

Dana curated the @IamSciArt Twitter account and lead the community on an exploration and discussion of science with visual arts, music, and dance. Follow Dana on Twitter @dhsimmons1.

MARCH 2, 2017

Thermo Fisher Scientific featured Dana's neuron "Branching Out" to advertise their 2017 Molecular Probes #SciArt Contest. (uncredited)

NOVEMBER 5, 2016

Interstellate Magazine features Dana's "Diagonal" Purkinje neuron.

NOVEMBER 3, 2016

The New England BioLabs presents Dana with a Passion in Science Award in the category of Arts & Creativity. View Dana’s award talk to NEB’s scientists by clicking above.

OCTOBER 28, 2016

The Scientist Magazine features Dana's science-art image "Branching Out" as Image of the Day.

APRIL 7, 2017

UChicago News covers the collaboration between Dana (Neurobiologist) and Pierce Gradone (Composer).  The pair explores communication in networks of neurons via music composition in order to create "net(work)," a new composition.  Funded by the Arts, Science, & Culture Initiative at UChicago.


NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Interstellate Magazine features Dana's image "Diagonal" as the Cells & Signaling section header. (Volume 2, Page 49)

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NOVEMBER 23, 2015

Zeiss Microscopy features Dana's neuron "Precipice", taken using a Zeiss microscope.

APRIL 25, 2016

Dana curated the @Neurotweeps Twitter account for the week.  Follow Dana on Twitter @dhsimmons1.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific and Molecular Probes created the Beautiful Science Cell coloring book, which showcases Dana's science-art on the first page.  Order your free copy through Thermo Fisher here.

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NOVEMBER 6, 2017

Cell Press' blog Cross Talk interviewed Dana about her Purkinje neuron art.  Cross Talk featured Dana's art in a Cell Picture Show, and selected one of Dana's images for the annual Cell Press calendar.

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MAY 10, 2017

The Arts, Science, & Culture Initiative at the University of Chicago released a trailer video of Dana talking with her collaborator, Pierce Gradone, about their neuroscience-music composition. View the video by clicking above.

February 2016

Dana collaborated with artist, Richelle Gribble, to produce The Trees Inside Our Brain, an illustrated guide to the brain and autism research. 

The Trees Inside Our Brain is the product of our successful completion of the SciArt Center of New York's Bridge Residency, a program that brings together scientists and artists to embark on novel collaborations. This innovative book includes real science for real people written by Dana, and features accompanying science-inspired illustrations by Richelle.  

View the book online here.  Purchase your paper copy through the SciArt Center here


Medicine on the Midway, a publication by the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Science showcases Dana's science-art and discusses her microscopy work.

March 13, 2017

Art the Science interviews Dana about how she became a sci-artist for their "Creator" series.

JANUARY 25, 2016

Thermo Fisher Scientific Molecular Probes featured Dana's neuron "Precipice" in their high fashion science-shoe contest. Size 8 N please! (uncredited)